This page gives an overview of our product lines.

Focusing Schlieren Products

The table below illustrates the basic matrix of focusing schlieren systems and their ranges of utility. Lower frame rates (FPS) and longer shutters correspond to more economical systems, since they require slower cameras and less light.


Digital Focusing Schlieren

* ≤ 3 ft./1 m diameter

* more economical

Analog Projection Focusing Schlieren

* larger areas

* (usually) higher sensitivity

Video Rate (shutter > 1 ms, 100 > FPS)

sTube™ with consumer-grade digital display


Short-Exposure Video Rate (shutter ≥ 1µs, 100 > FPS)

sTube™ with our FlashScreen display

High-Speed Schlierenscope
High-Speed Short-Exposure Video (shutter ≥ 1µs, 100 < FPS  sTube™ with our PowerBox display  Custom development (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Note: shutter speed and FPS (frames per second) ranges are approximate and may vary somewhat depending on particular hardware specifications.


* SchlierenView - the basic software that enables our digital focusing schlieren product line. This is also available separately without the DFS capability to support real-time schlieren image enhancement with any kind of schlieren system, or it can be purchased with a patent license for customers who want to build their own digital focusing schlieren systems.

* SAFRAN - the Synthetic Limb-Edge Schlieren Analysis package. A commercial solution for large-scale outdoor schlieren imaging.